Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1, Dilengkapi Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini contoh soal UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 1 beserta kunci jawaban.

Contoh soal UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 dalam artikel ini bisa menjadi latihan siswa yang akan menghadapi UTS di semester 1.

Contoh soal dan kunci jawaban yang tercantum bukanlah bocoran atau soal asli PTS/UTS.

Sebab, soal UTS atau PTS dibuat oleh setiap satuan pendidikan.

Inilah contoh soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 yang telah dirangkum dari berbagai sumber:

Pilihan ganda

1. Fauzan : What do you think we should give Fira as her birthday present? Arif : A book, I think. Fauzan : … Arif : Yes, certainly. As far as I know, she likes book.

A. Are you sure? B. I don’t think so C. Are you kidding? D. It’s impossible Jawaban: A

2. Mother: What are you doing, dear? Karina : I … fried rice for dinner, Mom.

A. Cook B. Cooked C. Am cooking D. Had cooked Jawaban: C

3. Fina : Is your car new? Dora : Sorry, … Fina : Do you have a new car? Dora : No, I don’t.

A. What are you doing? B. What did you say? C. What does you say?. D. Can you see with your eyes? Jawaban: B

4. Nada : “ Do you know where is Ruli?” Bio : ”I heard he went to Bali. His uncle held a wedding party. Nada : ”… He has promised to accompany me watching movie tomorrow.”

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A. I agree with you B. Congratulation C. Thank you D. I hope he will go home soon Jawaban: D

Soal untuk nomer 5 – 7 Ibrahim : ”Hi, Rendy, My father asks me to pick my brother, Ismail, in his school, but at the same time I have a promise to accompany Heri to buy a new jacket. What do you suggest? I am confused.” Rendy : ”I would recommend that you pick your brother first then you can go to accompany Heri. I think that is the good solution for you.” Ibrahim : ”That’s good suggestion, thanks.”

5. Does Ibrahim accept Rendy’s suggestion? A. Yes, he is B. Yes, he does C. No, He is not D. No, he doesn’t Jawaban: B

6. Who asks Ibrahim to pick Ismail in his school? A. Heri C. Rendy’s father B. Rendy D. Ibrahim’s father Jawaban: D

7. Ibrahim says ”I would recommend that you pick your brother first then you can go to accompany Heri. I think that is the good solution for you.” It means that he ….

A. give a suggestion B. ask a suggestion C. reject a suggestion D. accept a suggestion Jawaban: A

8. We …. Have a driving license when we drive/ride a vehicle. A. mustn’t B. must C. had to D. have to Jawaban: B

9. Today is our National Examination test. So, we … be late. A. mustn’t B. will to C. has to D. have to Jawaban: A

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10. Dita: Be quiet, please! The baby … Ririn : Ok. Don’t worry.

A. Sleeps B. To sleep C. Is sleeping D. Was sleeping Jawaban: C

11. The expressions below are expressions to show disagreement, except . . . . . .

A. I disagree with you B. I don’t think it is C. I am of different opinion D. I am of the same opinion Jawaban: D

12. Your friends is going to compete in National Debating Contest. What do you say to her/him?

A. Wish you all the best B. Congratulation C. Lucky is you D. That’s very bad Jawaban: A



– Brand of product: …(Jawaban: Kraton Tea)…

– Name of product: …. (Jawaban: Tea) ….

– Content/Amount: ….(Jawaban: Net weight 60 ml)…

– Description: … (Jawaban: For the perfect cup tea) …

– Ingredients: ….(Jawaban: Not available)…

– Directions to use: (Jawaban: Use 1 bag percup. Pour fresh bubbling water over tea bag. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes and remove tea bag)

2. How to Make a Boat or a Hat

Things you need: A half page of paper, newspaper, or any kind of paper that you have.

What to do: First, fold the paper in half the long way, crease and unfold.

Second, fold the sides up to the crease. Keep the sides folded.

After that, fold the corners down to the middle again. Next, fold the point downs to the middle.

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Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat. If you want to make a hat, flip it over and wear it.

A. How many times do we have to fold the paper? …(Jawaban: 4)

B. Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat. If you want to make a hat, flip it over and wear it.” The underlined word could be best replaced with the word … (Jawaban: Create)

C. How many steps should we follow to make a good paper boat or hat as mentioned in the text? …(Jawaban: 5)…

3. Lina has just got the result of her Math test. She is waiting for the result of her English test.

Siska congratulates her on the result of the Math test and hope that she gets an A for the English test, too. The conversation: Melati: “Thank God, I’ve got an A for my Math test. But, I don’t know the result of my English test, yet.” Siska: “……(Jawaban: Congratulations on the result of your Math test! I hope you get an A for the English test, too.)….”

*) Disclaimer: Jawaban di atas hanya digunakan oleh orang tua untuk memandu proses belajar anak dan bukan soal PTS/UTS yang sebenarnya.

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