Contoh Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1 Beserta Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini contoh soal PTS/UTS Bahasa inggris kelas 7 semester 1 lengkap beserta kunci jawabannya.

Contoh soal dan kunci jawaban dalam artikel ini sebagai latihan mengerjakan PTS/UTS mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 1.

Simak Contoh Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7, semester 1 dari berbagai sumber, sesuai materi dalam buku:

Soal pilihan ganda

1. Zella : How are you, Lisa?

Lisa : I have a headache. Zella : … Lisa : Thanks a lot.

A. Get well son B. Get well soon C. Get wall son D. Get wall soon Jawaban: B

2. Two days before Wednesday is… A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday D. Wednesday Jawaban: B

Anisa’s Schedule for numbers 3 & 4

Monday : Math – English – Religion Tuesday : Indonesia – Lampung – Art Wednesday : Science – Social – English Thursday : Indonesia – Sport – Citizenship Saturday : Math – English – Art

3. How many subjects are there at Anisa’s school?

A. Three B. Four C. Ten D. Eighteen Jawaban: C 4.How many subjects does Anisa learn at school in a day?

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A. Three B. Four C. Ten D. Eighteen Jawaban: A

For number 5. I have friend. His name is Aliando Syarif. He was born in 2005. He comes from Pringsewu. He likes fried chicken.

5. Which statement is TRUE according to the text above..

A. Aliando is seventy years old B. Aliando is seventeen years old C. Aliando is an Artist D. Aliando is handsome boy Jawaban: B

6. Ruly : Hello, I am Ruly. … ? Adi : Hello. My name is Adi. Pleased to meet you. Ruly : Pleased to meet you too, Adi.

A. What is the matter with you B. What is your name C. How are you D. Are you a new student Jawaban: B.

7. Mr. Handoyo is eager to know about Anton’s condition. He is not cheerful as usual. Mr. Handoyo : Anton, what is the matter with you? You do not look well this morning. Anton : You are right, Sir. … I think I get cold. Mr. Handoyo : You’d better take a rest at home, then.

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A. I am okay B. I am just fine C. I do not feel too well this morning D. I do not feel bad Jawaban: C.

8. Mother has put some … into the chicken soup. A. Oil B. Paint C. Salt D. Butter Jawaban: C

9. Chandra is a philatelist. She is very fond of collecting … A. Envelopes B. Letters C. Stamps D. Coins Jawaban: C

10. James has a dog. James takes … for a walk everyday. A. It B. Him C. Them D. Its Jawaban: A

11. My dad bought some oranges, … were very sour. The appropriate pronoun is … A. It B. They C. We D. He Jawaban: B

12. The hunter shot the tiger with a … A. Knife B. Scissors C. Sword D. Gun Jawaban: D

Soal Essay

1. If today is Sunday, so:

a. Two day after this day is …(Jawaban: Tuesday)… b. Two day before this day is …(Jawaban: Friday)… c. Tomorrow is …(Jawaban: Monday)… d. Yesterday is …(Jawaban: Saturday)…

2. What time is it?

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a. 04.10: … (Jawaban: it’s four past ten) b. 03.30: … (Jawaban: it’s half past three) c. 06.45: … (Jawaban: it’s a quarter to seven) d. 10.15: … (Jawaban: it’s a quarter past ten)

3. This thing is usually found in the bedroom. It is a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cutton, down or fibre. It is called….. (Jawaban: Bolster)…

4. Choose the appropriate expression based on the conditions.

a. When you do something wrong, you will say ……(Jawaban: Sorry)……..

b. When someone help you or give you something, you will say…(Jawaban: Thank you)……

c. When you will go and leave your friend, you will say …(Jawaban: Good bye)…

(What is it?) (Yes, i do something wrong) (Sorry and thanks) (help or not?) (You are welcome) (No, thanks) (Goodbye) (Don’t worry) (Sorry) (Never mind) (Yes, i wrong!) (Thank you)

*) Disclaimer: Jawaban di atas hanya digunakan oleh orang tua untuk memandu proses belajar anak dan bukan soal PTS/UTS yang sebenarnya.

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